Lnb Inverto Black Ultra Edition - single 0,2db LTE (originale)


LNB INVERTO BLACK Ultra Single High-Gain Low-Noise - GSM - LTE  40mm ( originale con logo serigrafato in metallo)

ottimo rendimento anche con parabole diametro 125, 150, 180 cm -------------Con filtro Gsm Lte

This LNB is a high performance product featuring the lowest noise figure available to address the need for superior reception under the edges of the satellite footprint skirt.
Thanks to its novel front-end architecture and superior components, this LNB provides higher conversion gain yet with lowest noise figure and best phase noise performance.
The combination of higher spec components, excellent isolation and advanced filter design enables improved handling of interfering spurious and provides the leap in the overall reception performance compared with standard LNBs.

Main Features

Superior Phase Noise performance DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
Excellent isolation – extremely high cross-pol performance
Very low spurious levels
Superior Noise Figure
Higher conversion gain
Ultimate reliability
3 years warranty

Technical Specifications

Low Band Input Frequency Range: 10.7~11.7 GHz
Low Band Output Frequency Range: 950~1950 MHz
LO Frequency: 9.75 GHz
High Band Input Frequency Range: 11.7~12.75 GHz
High Band Output Frequency Range: 1100~2150 MHz
LO Frequency: 10.6 GHz
Noise Figure: 0.2dB typ. (0.7dB max.)
LO Initial Accuracy: +/- 1.0 MHz max.
LO Temperature Drift: +/- 3.0 MHz max.
LO Phase Noise @ 10K Hz: -90 dBc/Hz max.
Conversion Gain: 60 dB min.
Gain Ripple: +/- 0.75 dB/27MHz
Gain Variation: +/- 4 dB
Image Rejection: 40 dB min.
1 dB Compression Point (O/P): 0.0 dBm min.
Cross talk: 23dB min.
Control Signals Ca [ V ]: 11.0~14.0 V
Control Signals Cb [ H ]: 16.0~20.0 V
Control Signals Cc [Band switching]: 22KHz +/- 4KHz 0.4V – 0.8V pp
Output VSWR: 2.0 : 1
Radiated Interference: -60 dBm max.
DC Power: 120mA max. @ 11 – 20V
Working Temperature: -30~+60 °C
Output Impedance (connect to STB): 75Ω
Output connector: F-type (female)
Weight: 151 g

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