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The outstanding features of the new OCTAGON SX88 H.265 HEVC HD are, besides the multistream, its dimensions. The device is only 12cm x 2.5cm x 8cm small. Thanks to this special feature, the OCTAGON SX88 H.265 HEVC HD is suitable for (wall) mounting behind a TV (external infrared receiver included) or in a different, hidden place.
In addition, the device is ideal for travel or camping use. The small one with the great performance is functional to its big brothers in nothing, but was designed just for mobile or hidden use.
Of course you can still place it visible. He is an eyecatcher anyway! With the Octagon SX88 H2.65 HEVC HD, viewers can take full advantage of the multimedial possibilities, Kodi (XBMC), Stalker, XTREAM IP (IPTV), YouTube, RedTube, Internet Radio + (Webradio) and more.
H.265 DVB-S2 HD Multistream with a strong tuner and blinds blinds the product off. As well as a card reader Conax.


Key Features:
- H.265 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVB-S2 multistream tuner
- Multistream Root, Gold, (PLP, PLS) T2MI support without parameter input
- Hardware BlindScan (Blind Search) Low Symbol Rate Support (Low Symbol Rate Support)
- Stalker, Kodi (XBMC), Xtream IPTV
- .m3u, YouTube, RedTube
- 2 x USB 2.0 connections
- 4-digit 7-segment display

- Linux OS operating system
- WebIF & FTP access
- Conax card reader
- Recording & TimeShift (* optional)
- Network 10 / 100Mbit LAN
- WiFi (WLAN) + 3GB Model Suppoert via USB ports
- DLNA Player Support
- Unicable & FastScan Support
- DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS Support
- EPG - Electronic program guide
- High-resolution OSD UI user interface
- 4x Programmable buttons on the remote control
- Subtitle & Teletext (Videotext) Support
- 0.5W standby
- Dimensions (LxDxH) 120mm x 80mm x 25mm

- 4-digit 7-segment display
- LED indicator (red / green)
- IR sensor (infrared receiver)

- H.265 HD DVB-S2 tuner LNB input
- Network 10 / 100Mbit connection
- HDMI output
- Digital audio jack
- AV - audio video jack - jack to RCA

Page (right):
- LED / IR (external display or IR infrared receiver) connection
- USB 2.0 port

Page (left):
- USB 2.0 port
- DC-12V power supply
- RS232 connector

- Receiver OCTAGON SX88
- Remote Control
- 2 x batteries
- Instruction manual (German & English)
- HDMI cable
- IR infrared receiver
- AV RCA jack cable


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  • Prodotto da: Octagon

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